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Can I print Safari Books Online content? - FAQ 1072, updated 6/27/2013
Is your website compatible for people with disabilities? - FAQ 1073, updated 6/12/2013
Where is the CD/DVD-ROM content for my book? - FAQ 1069, updated 6/14/2013

Content Reader

Can I read my book in HTML mode? - FAQ 1134, updated 6/14/2013
Can I search within a book while I am reading it? - FAQ 1135, updated 9/30/2013
Do you have a "Go To Page" option? - FAQ 1131, updated 6/14/2013
How do I maximize the on-screen space available for reading? - FAQ 1133, updated 9/30/2011


Am I able to use the mobile site with my academic subscription? - FAQ 1203, updated 6/12/2013
Do you have an App for my mobile device? (Proquest) - FAQ 1227, updated 6/12/2013
How do I log in with Athens/UK Federation/InCommon? (Proquest) - FAQ 1222, updated 6/12/2013
What does "There are no sessions available" mean? - FAQ 1225, updated 6/26/2013
What does "You are not within the valid IP range" mean? - FAQ 1223, updated 6/26/2013
What does "You have been logged out" mean? - FAQ 1226, updated 6/26/2013

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